February 11, 2010

Rs. 500 ka Mobile phone!

Yes, you read it right! India’s largest mobile phone maker NOKIA is planning to make this a reality soon. Nokia has always provided the lower segment buyers with a lot of useful noteworthy features, one instance being Life Tools. The company is now looking at launching a mobile phone for the rural markets. Armed with Life Tools and just the very basic features Nokia would most likely cost $10 or Rs. 500! Amazing, isn’t it?

The features of this phone will resemble the ones of Nokia 1280. Although it is a low cost phone, it has some features such as a monochrome display of 96×68 pixels, headset jack, MP3 ring tones, fm radio as well as a flashlight. The company is being true to its punch line…CONNECTING PEOPLE!

This will indeed be a revolutionary move by the company and will surely make other manufacturers follow suit.

Do you think this will be a successful mobile phone…if it comes into the market? Let us know your comments


  1. madhurima

    Nothing Beats that!

  2. Exploring fortune at the bottom of the pyramid…..

  3. Sounds too good to be true but if it really is true, then kudos to NOKIA for even making effort to try to achieve this……

  4. vishalgaba

    Well, Nokia is truly looking at chnaging the game and making it presence felt in each and every segment of the mobile phone market…while other makers look at growing in particular segments.

  5. Depends…people are moving up the value chain.. and then there are chinese mobiles..not in same range but with more powerpacked features

  6. Sheer shrewed yet considerate innovation by the market leader indeed! It’s most likely to give the competitors a drastic run for their money, dear Vishal, with the kind of promising combination that they are coming up with!

    Hope, Nokia haven’t hired you for promotions! ;))) Just said that for a lark, Vishal! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing. Cheers! 🙂

  7. vishalgaba

    @Tarun – the only point here is that rurual India might not have access to chinese phones and might not need those powerpacked the reliability on Nokia would be far more than a chinese phone. What do you think?

    @Shri – No no..Nokia hasnt hired me…if you know someone their..please let them know…they might give me some reward.. 😉

    But ya they are spreading their waings across segments although I feel they are losing out on the higher segment with competitors coming out with some supreme products..!

  8. this would be a hit…..not only in rural areas but also in urban areas……especially with kids…and students….i mean college students …….then i know there are ppl….who doesn’t want there phone to me multifunctional …..just simple receiving and sending of calls and messages would do for them……those ppl will also be interested in these……

    for me it will be a straight no………

  9. Whoa.. this certainly sounds good!! 🙂

  10. I agree this stratergy of Nokia will certainly work and will certainly increase it’s user base. The main thing here is that the people in the rural class will be sureshot benifitted since many do not buy mobile phones due to it cost. It is not meant for the high end users or even the middle level users but it is for the people who cannot afford

  11. vishalgaba

    @ Hitesh – I agree with you…it will be a hit amongst the masses

    @Rav – Sure it does

    @Shiva – You got it absolutely right…It is a strategy for masses and will the handset will fly as soon as it lands in the market!

  12. Rohtash

    This will change d game in India!

    • vishalgaba

      Absolutely…this will make mobiles affordable for one and all!

  13. The news is too hard to believe! If they can pull it down to Rs. 500, Nokia’s hold in Indian mobile phones market will definitely get a boost.

    • vishalgaba

      For sure…currently, Nokia’s share is falling so this will give it a kick!

  14. hmm… who would want such a cheap phone??

    • vishalgaba

      everybody…isnt it?

  15. We all know nokia is friendly user, agree this stratergy of Nokia will certainly work and will certainly increase it’s user base.the mobile is affordable also.

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