January 4, 2010

Savita Bhabhi is back…!

Guess who’s back…back again…its Savita Bhabhi!

India has always been CLOSE to the subject of sex. While me might showcase bikini clad movies in the movies but talking about sex is an absolute NO.

Not withstanding all of this, Savita Bhabhi, a voluptuous, sari-clad, 29-year old character and India’s first only toon porn site surfaced, in March 2008, obviously becoming a huge hit with almost 2,00,000 hits a day.

In June 2009, the Indian government ordered all ISPs to block But it seems Savita Bhabhi is back under in all her uninhibited sexuality.

The site is a melange of Savita Bhabhi’s sexual exploits along with two more series Saath Kahaniyan and Kinara Lane, which will be launched soon.


  1. While the conservatives can think what they want to….but this is creative and aesthetic too. May be expression of physicality and lust, which remains a subject that evokes irrational reactions in spite of extensive affinity, is the reason….any which ways, I am happy that they are back.

  2. such websites are never banned for two long. they always return.

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