June 3, 2010

Say “Gooool!” with VISA FIFA YouTube Channel

With the World Cup kick-off just about one week away, football (or soccer, as it’s known stateside) fans are already going wild in anticipation. Visa has launched its VISA FIFA YouTube Channel to collectively harness this enthusiasm and create the longest “goool!” shout in history.

The channel’s sole purpose is to get fans to upload videos of their best “goool!” cheer and weave them together to create one never-ending triumphant chant.

Viewers can tune into to select cheers, celebrity renditions or watch continuously. Plus, the YouTube user with the most viewed video may be eligible to win a trip to the next World Cup in Brazil in 2014.

Most soccer fanatics are already familiar with the the elongated and climactic pronouncement of the word “gol,” and recall that it was made popular by Spanish-language sportscastor Andrés Cantor at World Cups held in the early 90s. Cantor reprises his now famous cheer for the YouTube channel and even includes a few tips for YouTubers looking to improve upon their shouting abilities.

The FIFA YouTube Channel may not provide any actual footage from the tournament, but if you’re in the spirit to celebrate the phenomenon that is the World Cup, then you won’t be disappointed by the palpable enthusiasm of soccer fans around the globe.

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  1. Wow, I wish I had known about this!
    I would definitely have had of the most youtube views and might have won a ticket to the next soccer world cup in 2014.

    Now, the heck the competition had passed.

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