August 22, 2010

See Search Results as You Type: Google testing Live Search

Google is testing a new search interface that updates the results as you type a query. This means that you do not have to press enter or click on ‘search’; all you need to do is keep typing in what you want to search for and Google will constantly constantly retrieves the results for your query.

While this interface has the advantage that you can refine your search faster, the constant refreshing can be annoying if you don’t need help. Rob Ousbey calls this experiment “live updating Google search results”, Google uses the word “streaming”, while others may call it instant search or incremental search. Google probably wants to morph the search box into a query builder with instant preview. Check out this video below [via – Google system]

What do you think about this new interface? Would it be more useful or distracting to see irrelevant results cropping up when you are typing? share your view


  1. yes this is useful at times but at some point these are irrelevant

    • vishalgaba

      Totally agree with you…

  2. I am not a fan of this search. You lose the opportunity to find interesting information on the internet that you were not necessarily looking for.

    • vishalgaba

      I would disagree with you Hari – infact isn’t it the other ya round…you might get something useful that you were not looking for but could be useful. What do you think?

  3. This is so very useful especially if you’re not that sure of what you’re looking for, it gives you more accurate results. Thank you so much for sharing this useful information.

  4. It does sound cool but very irrelevant. I would hate to accidentally press a key and then see all your search results change. Delete the key you pressed and not get the same results. xD

    • vishalgaba

      Well yes, there is that risk but as I said earlier…you might end up finding more useful info that you were actually looking for.

  5. Very interesting, obviously Google generates again a new algorithm for the search:) and this means that soon the entire Internet will explode again, because of some sudden increase in traffic to sites in other times and drops to zero, I’m sorry but this can not escape and not insured.

    • vishalgaba

      I agree, this might lead to a boom in traffic since the suggestive results could be interesting. But there is always a chance of users getting lost in the humongous amount of info.

  6. Google live search is somewhat interesting for me and for me it’s a kind of helpful because it can suggest some keywords for your searching but still you are the one who will going to decide if what words to use.

    • vishalgaba

      Yes Tampa, that is exactly the point that Google has kept in mind while testing the live search.

  7. Yes, this new interface is more useful and faster to see irrelevant results when we are typing. This is great searching. I think Google should publish this new search interface. Thank you for your information.

    • vishalgaba

      Thank you so much

  8. Wow..really interesting features..Good live search is easy to use..the update of the search engine algorithm? Remember that ss soon as you’ve got your own list of businesses that you simply really feel are best suited to your requirements, then it’s simply a case of heading back to possibly Google and key in the the company you would like to get yourself a price from. Nice Idea.

    • vishalgaba

      Totally agree with you on that.

  9. Google released it yesterday… It is called Google Instant. It is a really awesome feature.

  10. Live search presently is not very perceptive with respect to the quality of inward links to a web site. This implies that there are numerous cases of web site ratings being improved by huge number of low quality inward links. In addition, this appears to favor for those spammy search results. Thanks for being a kind writer..I do really appreciate your idea.

  11. It is said that Google customizes your search results based on previous search activity using a search information stored in a browser cookie. This information is referred to as “web history”. Having your web history enabled can really give you a false sense of your websites ranking, because it pushes your most visited websites to the top. Thanks for this very informative post.

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