December 7, 2009

SPATIAL COMPUTING: Check out what the future is!

While reading through various interesting pieces on tech innovations, got an opportunity to learn about SPATIAL COMPUTING and believe me, the potential of technology can leave you stunned for sure. The video might help you to understand what I mean when I say stunned.  This new wave in computing promises to take the tech space to new heights and I could say only one word to describe this…WOW!

Early this year, Craig Mundie, Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Microsoft Corp outlined this concept, “If we are to realize the potential that a combination of local and remote computing offers us. The next computing evolution, he said, will be defined by multi-core processing and parallel programming; it will be context-aware, model-based, personalized, humanistic, adaptive, immersive, 3-D and it will use speech, vision and gestures. The new “spatial Web” will interact with the user’s physical world to further blur distinctions between the physical and virtual worlds to provide an enhanced reality.”

In common terms it means that in this form of computing, the user interface will cover a number of surfaces, in fact, many more than it covers now. For spatial computing to succeed, the primary requirement will be to have seamless connectivity amongst local and centralized data services and hence, Cloud+ Client will form the core of this form of computing.

Whenever, this contemporary computing comes into implementation, India to receive immense benefit out of it especially enterprises, startups and small & medium businesses will benefit, as spatial computing would be more cost effective and give more flexibility in comparison to the conventional solutions we run applications on. From a common man’s perspective, the people who do not have access to computers and don’t have enough knowledge to use it, Spatial computing will help in creating different modes of engagement for them that would be easier than using a PC.

The answer to this is still to be unleashed by IT experts…  Till then, you can witness the future through this video and say what I said…WOW!


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