March 3, 2010

'State of Internet'…presented in style!

This is a report on State of the Internet. Although the report is informative when read in a word document or a pdf file but presenting such a report, which is full of numbers can be BORING for both the presenter as well as the audience. Check out how this report has been presented in a manner that pulls you to watch the complete video. It was presented at lecture at AIGA Baltimore in Feb 2010. Gives you all the information on ‘State of the Internet’ and in a manner that it stays with you!

There might be even better ways to present…so put on your creative hats and start thinking to ensure an oviation when you end your presentataion!


  1. Mind Boggling!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rohan

    Awesome Video..:)

  3. mohit

    This is kool and informative…good stuff.

  4. ina

    NIce video..

  5. abhi thakral


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