July 17, 2010

Submit your blog/website to 20+ search engines

The biggest problem we face when we start a new blog/website is TRAFFIC. Therefore, the initial few months become very important to gain recognition and rive right kind of traffic.

So here is the way you can publicize your blog quickly – Submit express ( is the site which let you submit your blogs to 20+ search engine with few clicks and all free of cost.

So submit your blog and drive more traffic…but remember content is the king!


  1. Hello admin, thanks for posting and my backlink.

  2. it was very interesting to read.
    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  3. vishalgaba

    @Ein – Your welcome:)

    @Iliafic – Thanks…sure you can link it. My twitter account is @vishalgaba.

  4. Done…lets see the results…thanks

  5. thanks a lot!!!

  6. I think it does work. I used it for my blog before now using it for my website :).

  7. very informative post……….thank u …

  8. THANKS FOR SHARING THIS ON FB. I have submitted for free listing and hope for positive response.

  9. vishalgaba

    @Nalini – I’m sure with the kind of great content that you have…it will surely effect you positively

    @geeta – Your welcome 🙂

    @Nishant – Yes it does..:)

    @Akhil – your welcome 🙂

    @S.R.Ayyangar – Thank you and all the best Sir.

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