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Movie Review: Aakrosh…an eye opener

Honor killings have been a big issue in India, especially in the rural belt. Aakrosh is Priyadarshan’s attempt to narrate a tale to create awareness about this issue.

AAKROSH is centred around a low caste guy studying … Read More

Movie Review: Robot/Endhiran…there is nothing RajiniCAN'T

So, I decided to watch the late night show Rajinikanth’s Robot /Endhiran, my first ever Rajini movie. Well, I had always heard a lot [and seen some as well on You Tube] about the Rajini mania across the … Read More

Movie Review: Dabangg…bollywood get's its own Rajinikanth!

An important observation that I have made over some time – Salman Khan is fast becoming the ‘Rajinikanth’ of Bollywood. The new styles, the walk, the roles as well as the movies are creating the kind of mass … Read More

Movie Review: We Are Family

You expect a good outing when you have Karan Johar leading a movie with stars like Kajol, Kareena & and Arjun Rampal. The icing on the cake being that the movie is an adaptation of a hugely successful … Read More

Movie Review: Lafangey Parindey…is neither wild nor flies

There were 3 questions that crossed my mind while watching Lafangey Parindey:

  1. Is it necessary for bollywood movies to be about 2-2.5 hours long?
  2. Is it necessary for bollywood  movies to have … Read More

Movie Review: Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai

ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI turns out to be yet another ‘could have been’ movies rather than ‘is’ movies. By this I mean, what could have easily been a fast paced story of greed and deception … Read More

Movie Review: Kites…flies…but not to high

There are expectations…and there are high expectations. That’s something that I expected when I entered the theater to watch Kites. Unfortunately, the film does not live upto the hype that has been created around it.

Kites … Read More

Movie Review: Remember Me…live in the moments!

Well honestly, I was expecting Remember Me to be a love story…atleast that is what the trailers suggested but that is not the case! The movie is more of a family drama revolving around the life of a … Read More

Movie Review: Badmaash Company…right movie the right way!

Relief…is the best word that describes my feelings right now. After 2 terrifying experiences in Paathshala and Housefull, Badmaash Company has come as a savior!

Badmaash Company is a well made entertaining movie which has several … Read More

Movie Review: Housefull…is Aweful…!!!

I think Sajid Khan realized soon that he made a bad movie and so he got his team together and told them, “Look Akshay, Riteish, Arjun, Lara, Deepika, Jiah, Boman and Lilette, I just saw the movie and … Read More