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Bloggers Paradise…blog your way to glory!

Ever since I started blogging, the need to know what people feel about what I write, what are their views and a need to exchange ideasamongst a larger group of people.To satisfy this need, I started sharing … Read More

Teen Patti….dont even think of playing this game!

Teen Patti is based on a fast-paced Hollywood thriller 21. So, the MIT institute is replaced by BIT and the game of Black Jack is replaced by Teen Patti (flash). But, unfortunately the movie is no way near … Read More

KARTHIK CALLING KARTHIK….doesn't ring a bell !!!

Have you ever seen an ECG graph…it moves up and down and when the person dies it just goes down and down and stops. That sums up KARTHIK CALLING KARTHIK, the movie starts well…keeps you engaged…gives you some … Read More

My Name Is Khan….and I'm not a terrorist : Movie Review

Let’s get it straight, MY NAME IS KHAN is SRK and KJO’s best movie till date. I hope the movie will seal the lips of all  SRK critics or perhaps would turn them into SRK … Read More

Movie Review: 'Ishq' hogaya Ishqiya se

Get ready for some ‘masaledaar stuff’. ISHQIYA isn’t your regular romantic comedy or a sweet love story. Yes, Ishqiya is romantic but with a whole lot of twists n turns that keep you guessing!

Two thieves, Khalujaan [Naseeruddin … Read More

Movie Review: Paranormal Activity

‘Paranormal Activity’ managed to hit the film world’s attention with its nominal budget, no big stars and an unknown director by grossing over $100 million at the worldwide box office.

The movie has a ‘hand held … Read More

Movie Review: Rocket Singh- Salesman of the year

After watching Rocket Singh- Salesman of the year…one feels confused on what to say about this movie…good…bad…worth it…or not!

You clearly see a sincere effort that has gone into the movie….performances, direction, background score…everything seems good … Read More

Movie Review: Paa…Paa kasam dil le liya

After watching PAA, most of said this…..Maa kasam..oops sorry…PAA KASAM, dil le liya 🙂

PAA is a fantastic experience which again proves BIG B is best in whatever he does… one more excellent performance by this … Read More

Movie Review: Kurbaan

First things first….KURBAAN…is a must watch! Many people see KURBAAN as a movie on the lines of New York, but let me tell you that apart from the backdrop i.e. terrorism…there aren’t any similarities.

Coming … Read More