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Windows Phone 7…check out the future

Microsoft has releases its upcoming Windows 7 phone for technical review. This essentially means that thousands of developers will get to their hands on the Windows 7 phone for the next couple of weeks. It will be … Read More

Microsoft launches Outlook Facebook integration

Microsoft is announcing today that it has integrated Facebook and Windows Live Messenger into Outlook, bringing the streams of millions of Facebook users into inboxes across the world.

Last year, Microsoft launched Outlook Social Connector, a … Read More

Create your own Android Application via Google App Inventor

Google has revealed a new software tool that lets almost anyone make apps for mobile phones that use its Android software. The beta version of the Web site for App Inventor for Android went live from Google Labs … Read More

Mouseless: An invisible PC mouse

Mouseless is an invisible computer mouse that provides the familiarity of interaction of a physical mouse without actually needing a real hardware mouse.

Mouseless is a project by Pranav Mistry of the MIT Fluid Interfaces Group. … Read More

Disco Chair welcomes you to the future

Meet Disco Chair. It was created out of electroluminescent wire by Kiwi&Pom, and makes me think of a happy Tron future where everything is covered in glowing shapes. According to the designers, “the chair transforms into a … Read More

Google launches real-time Blogger stats

Google has introduced a full-featured stats dashboard for its free blogging service, Blogger.

Blogger Stats displays traffic and source info for individual posts, and it does it in near real time, keeping historical data as well. … Read More

How Google works

Ever wondered how Google works? This picture gives you a clear insight into what happens and how it happens!

Source – PPC blog

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