Microsoft introduces the new & cool HOTMAIL

Microsoft has introduced Hotmail ( in a new & cool avatar and with features never seen before! The innovative new Hotmail integrates Windows Live Messenger, other email accounts and updates from your social network all within a single … Read More

Windows Multitouch Pack…enhance your computing experience

Microsoft has finally released the Windows 7 Touch Pack as a free-download to the public, enabling those with Windows 7 multi-touch enabled computers and monitors to access some of the nifty Microsoft Surface features.

The touch … Read More

A faster, better and an enhanced browser awaits you: Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft launched the preview code of the underlying rendering engine of the Internet Explorer 9 at the MIX10, the company’s developer conference on Tuesday in Las Vegas. The primary focus areas for the new browser are improved speed, … Read More

How to install, reinstall and uninstall Windows?…for Windows 7 users

In case you  have bought a Windows 7 PC, Microsoft’s new Web site dedicated to how to install, reinstall and/or uninstall Windows might be a handy resource to have at your fingertips.

The new site has links … Read More

The Internet will destroy us!

Check out this amazing video titled THE INTERNET WILL DESTROY US (courtesy CNET).

The video captures a snapshot of the week…Windows 7 mobile launch…Google Buzz and towards the end talks about how Internet could destroy us!

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