March 29, 2010

Talk to BIG B via Bachchan Bol

Do you want to talk to BIG B? You just need to leave your message or questions for him and he will call you back – Yes, it’s true!

Amitabh Bachchan, the greatest superstar of Hindi cinema will call the fans who grab his attention with their message or questions through a new talk-back feature on his blog – Bachchan Bol.  You can leave your message, questions or suggestions by calling Bachchan Bol on 505678910 and tapping into the ‘talkback mechanism’.

The service, launched by the actor in partnership with Inside India, allows a person to hear Bachchan sharing his thoughts anytime and anywhere at the press of a button. The service – the world’s first Vog (voice blog) takes the essence of blogging and the best of new technology to allow BIG B to talk to you personally on your very own mobile phone. He can record snippets and stories from wherever he is in the world.

So what are you waiting for…just dial 505678910 and share your message with the Shahenshah of Hindi cinema.


  1. I know one person who would certainly call….Ashok Chavan 🙂

    But quite honestly, I think Manish Tewari (Congress Spokesperson— Speaks too much in pompous english) needs to prepare a whole list of answers on behalf of the Govt before( we can prepare a blog post for that too) asking ridiculous questions to Mr Bachhan, I am shocked at the potential of these guys as far as making a controversy out of nothing is concerned.

  2. vishalgaba

    LOl…that was funny…I think there is a force looking to dilute the brand value of the bachchans…!

  3. Akansha

    Amazing stuff…I had called and heard BIG B’s voice…awaiting a call back 🙂

  4. vishalgaba

    Hey Akansha… thats great…all the best for your call back from the BIG B himself!

  5. Akshay

    Me too…left my message..waiting for BIG B’s call 🙂

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