February 28, 2010

Teen Patti….dont even think of playing this game!

Teen Patti is based on a fast-paced Hollywood thriller 21. So, the MIT institute is replaced by BIT and the game of Black Jack is replaced by Teen Patti (flash). But, unfortunately the movie is no way near what the Hollywood flick had on offer, it’s BORING and the makers have made a taste less Bhujiya or Mockery of what could have easily been an edge-of-the seat thriller. I didn’t understand one thing, what was the need of altering with a ready-made plot?

A genius mathematics professor Venkat Subramaniyam [Amitabh Bachchan] has cracked a theory that could redefine the principles of probability. Always faced by rejection of his work, he is determined to get this theory approved.  He is encouraged to test this theory in real life Professor Shantanu [Madhavan].

So they try and test the theory by playing at local bars and casinos. They are assisted by a group of students who are both interested in the game and more importantly in need of money. What starts out as an experiment soon converts into a life threatening game for everyone involved.

Like the plot?…then watch 21…because the execution has gone all wrong in Teen Patti

Multiple tracks and unwanted cameos are the icing on the cake in terms of spoiling an already slow –paced movie.

On the performances, Amitabh Bachchan is brilliant as usual but he goes over the top a lot of times and balme it on the script…even BIG B looks boring. Madhavan does well in his role with shades of grey.  Shraddha Kapoor shows potential and needs the right roles. Dhruv Ganesh, Siddharth Kher and Vaibhav Talwar are good. Although the music is decent, the movie could have done without any of them.

One question to the makers; why was Ben Kingsely in the movie when the dubbing was to be done by Boman Irani? One expected some powerful scenes between the him and Big B (that’s not our mistake, the promos said so). Raima Sen is wasted and I don’t know why was Mita Vashisht there for one irrelevant scene.

Final Word – ITS BORING AND A MOCKERY OF A GREAT PLOT….rather rent a DVD of ‘21’…its brilliant

Rating – 1.5/5


  1. Generic

    I like your reviews, I read with them great interest!

  2. R U right… even I played this game and came out of the hall dissapointed 🙁
    TEEN PATTI was no where near to 21… Kevin Spacey was super cool…
    One advice for Amitabh Sir… : STOP DOING CRAPS LIKE ALADIN AND TEEN PATTI… instead WORK ON THE SEQUEL TO PAA… Seeing Auro die was much better than seeing a girl seduce Amitabh Sir… 🙂 🙂 🙂
    1 Star and a big thumbs down… 🙁

  3. AB ‘s movie with whatever rating is always a must see.
    Thanks for the review.

  4. vishalgaba

    @Generic – Thanks 🙂
    @Yajur – I totally agree with you..:)
    @BK – that is exactly the reason I wen to see the movie…and its not about Big B…its the script which has been mashed for no reason.

  5. Well, Vishal, it seems like you are stuck with watching all these flop movies (Teen Patti and earlier, Karthik Calling Karthik) just because you had high expectations from them. It is sad to know that even a star-studded cast can deliver utter rubbish stuff.

    Anyway, thanks for this review as well!

  6. thanks for saving our money, seems not worth a watch!

  7. Well, I think Mita Vashisht was the best thing in the film as Mrs Kale… 2 mins of honest stupidity in this 2 hour plus stupid-faking-smart film 😉

  8. i have seen 21 and a big fan of Kevin Spacy……….when this movie’s theatrical trailer was released……i found is some what similar to 21……but then the director denied and all that stuff……then i started believe may the plot can be same but not the whole thing… HITCH and PARTNER ….man that was a total rip off….leaving that……i haven’t seen Teen Patti still and you say it is based on 21……then may i’ll skip it…….cause i can invest that time…watching some original cinema than a remake………..

    one more thing… are living my dream……i always wanted to have something like this…..a dedicated page full of reviews…….of movies i liked or not…….

    for me …..this is the best job….one can get……..


  9. vishalgaba

    @Parth – I must say…this week’s releases were a total disappointment..looking forward to the next week!

    @ SR – It is definitely not worth watching

    @Shrey – That’s a humourous take a a rubbish movie

    @Hitesh – the movie doesnt come anywhere near 21…great idea watch 21 again:)
    And I’m a big big movie buff and I’m loving this part of writing the reviews and sharing them with people…feels great when people like you share your views…thanks 🙂

  10. Sir, the movie is like Bruce and Lloyd shot in a bollywood setup…. following the original plot of 21 wasn’t possible in India( considering the IQ level of the majority of Indian Audience), and tampering it has made it look more funny and ridiculous… i think indian audience is still not mature enough to handle such complex plots….and making such kind of a movie was a one sided decision..of the director…thats why it doomed in the end…

  11. GOOD REVIEW………..

  12. vishalgaba

    @Neeraj – I agree…it is completely immature

    @Pankul – Thank You 🙂

  13. Phiber

    Nice review….I too hated the movie!

  14. RahulS

    CRAP Movie!

  15. Kapil

    One of the worst movies in recent times.

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