December 13, 2010

The Facebook Storm

By now, the whole world knows the story behind facebook, thanks to The Social Network. Here is a really cool insight into how Facebook has taken the world by storm. The two maps below by Vincos showcase how the world of social networking has changed from June 2009 to December 2010….

"Social network map"

"social network map"


  1. Great map.. By Dec 2011 whole world will be blue?

  2. Step by step Facebook is conquering the world. I think in Russia the number of Facebook users is also big!

  3. This is very impressive for Facebook. Where does Myspace fit into all of this? Wasn’t Myspace a big network before Facebook came?

  4. What an amazing evolution of FB. Imagine from an university use communication now a world trending social networks. That only proved that FB is really powerful and influential.

  5. Well, Facebook absolutely change the way we do networking today. But who knows for how long will FB holds its dominance, before some other social site grabs the market by a much stronger storm.

  6. Facebook is really impressive and famous and it is no surprise that they could conquer the whole market. Anyway, you’ve got a very nice map here.

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