September 26, 2010

Top 11 ways LinkedIn could help drive traffic to your blog

LinkedIN drive traffic blog

To be honest, till about 6 months back, LinkedIn for me was just a networking tool which I used to connect with people known to me and people in the same domain. After digging deep into what could be the uses of LinkedIn and how it could help me with my blog, I have gathered loads of tips on how LinkedIn could get me targeted traffic to my blog and increase the number of ‘readers’ for my blog. So here are 11 tips to make sure you can maximize the use of being present on LinkedIN.

  1. Ensure you have an updated and complete profile – This is the most basic but most important step to ensure you are in the right direction. Create a profile and ensure it is complete…remember, only if you have an attractive profile will people listen to you/read what you share.
  2. Add your blog/website details – You have the option of putting in a link to your blog as well as its RSS feed. Do it right away as that will ensure everyone who visits your profile sees that you run a blog
  3. Add a blog application to your profile – There are applications that help display your latest posts on your profile. Go to add applications and add WordPress application and easily display all your latest posts.
  4. Update your status regularly – Another important but easy tip. Since, status is the first thing that comes up when someone views your profile, update it regularly. Before, you start thinking…oops another status update… the good news is that it is pretty similar to twitter, just that It gives you 148 characters instead of 140.
  5. Create the ‘right’ connections – Ensure that you find the right people in your domain to catch all the updates as well as people who would be interested in the kind of content you would provide
  6. Join niche groups – One of the most important tips. Make sure you join all relevant groups on LinkedIn. For example, if you write on Social media and have important updates to share, join the most relevant and populated social media groups
  7. Answer Questions – Once you have joined these groups, start answering queries. This will help you build credibility in the community as well as on other networks.
  8. Share your posts on these groups – Very obviously, once people start listening to you, start sharing your bets posts on the topic that will be useful to the groups. This is where you would get most traffic from.
  9. Comment on group posts – Just like it’s a give n take on blogs, comment on other posts and see the way you receive comments on yours.
  10. Add RSS Feed to Groups – Every group has an option that allows you to add a link to a website with which captures all the latest news you think is relevant for that group. It also allows you to add your own blog RSS feed or website link and updates it automatically as and when you post a new article. This step will help people view your blog since the posts will show up on the home profile of all the group members.
  11. Create groups – I have kept this as a last step because only after having a known name can you be assured if creating a successful and beneficial group. People know who you are, respect your views and listen to you…now is the right time to create a group

Hope you will make maximum use of these steps and increase blog traffic. IF you know of any more tips, please share them here, we will be glad to hear from you.

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  1. I’m doing well with your first three methods, but I’m spotty on the others. I’ve just recently put a bit more effort into LinkedIn, primarily in my main writing specialty. I do see the potential that it could help me land good projects in the future.

    But I feel far more connected with Facebook, Twitter, and, of course, blogs.

    • vishalgaba

      I agree John and that’s exactly what needs addressal. We often tend to ignore linkedin for twitter and facebook but it can be a great way to attract traffic!

  2. These points are good if your blog shares the same ideas as your profile. Means if it is a professional blog that matches to your linkedin profile. If it’s something like a personal blog then no way to put that link there 🙂

  3. I never knew the 10th option, thanks

  4. WOW! Never knew LinkdIn can help Bloggers as well 🙂 Going to update my account right now! Thanks for the nice article buddy 🙂

  5. This is a very interesting post. I actually have a linkin but I haven’t been using it. After reading your post I really think that I should. Thanks!

  6. One good thing about LinkedIn compared to the other social network sites is that your contacts tend to be business people who are visiting the site with their business, rather than social, hat on. So simply asking your contacts to recommend your blog to their contacts tends to work wonders. Of course it depends on the subject of the blog, but for me it has helped me increase traffic to mine.

  7. I opened a LinkedIn account a few days back. I posted my website and that is all I did. I guess after reading this, I can apply some of the steps mentionned. Thanks

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