March 10, 2010

Watch DLF Indian Premier League(IPL)…on your mobile

July Systems has tied up with IPL and its licensing partner Global Cricket Ventures (GCV) to launch an IPL mobile Internet service, designed for the Indian market.This service will allow you to watch video clips of IPL matches on your mobiles. The clips will be played back real time on a users’ phones after having the service activated.

How to Activate?

Call the MiX (Mobile Internet experience) platform toll-free number 08 123 123 123 or by accessing the WAP site During the television broadcast of IPL, the phone number 08123123123 will be displayed on TV screens.

Once you have registered here for the service, an SMS, with a link to the real time video clips will be sent to your mobile. This link can then be used to watch all the matches whilst on the move.


  1. This time the winner got be Delhi, we have seen it go pass by …….. really closely ……but this time. We have to win this……………..Delhi got the best batting line up in IPL……..Bit behind on bowling with Nehra and Nannes the only two regular……but still can bet on them……they have performed well in both IPL till now……..then we do have Pradeep sangwan and hoping Mosis henriques plays cause he can be the allrounder Delhi was looking for…….

    Best of luck to us


  2. vishalgaba

    Yup…I agree and I wish we win…we were almost there the last time. But this time…we gotta take the final stride and win πŸ™‚

  3. Dilip

    This is simply awesome. I read d post and followed the instructions…thanks a lot for the info Vishal πŸ™‚

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