August 5, 2014

Who’s the boss AIRTEL?

The recent ad campaign of Airtel has been received with mixed reactions. TVC showcases a new age corporate couple where the female protagonist happens to be the boss of her husband in the office. While few can deny novelty of the concept, there is a big question mark over its propriety in the Indian demographic context.

In a male dominated society like India such an ad campaign is bound to raise eyeballs. And conservative men taking offence to it is also understandable. I am confident that the brand manager of airtel would have factored this reaction before airing the TVC. I also hope that AIRTEL’s gamble of taking this peg was based on some solid market research.

What is surprising though is that even women have strong things to say against the campaign. Older women are damning the concept for being away from Indian reality. While  the younger lot says that the ad still undermines the position of women in the society because inspite of being the boss the wife has to still come back home and cook for the husband.


The ad also struggles to drive home the message of AIRTEL being the best smartphone network. The concept and the TVC deny adequate attention to the key message as it is unleashed at the culmination. As a viewer once you have seen the ad, the script overwhelms the message with respect to what you remember at the end of it.

Discussion through controversy looks like only positive ruboff that airtel will secure out of this campaign. Only if you could call it a real benefit. I would be keenly looking forward to the post campaign analysis of this project.

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