January 7, 2010

Why ICC wouldn’t ban Ferozshah Kotla?

Recently, there was news that Kotla might face a ban for 24 months post the and final ODI between India and Sri Lanka on December 27 last year was called off after 23.3 overs due to a dangerous pitch.  The ICC has said that it is not in favour of banning the stadium for a longer period of time for the pitch fiasco during the recent India-Sri Lanka ODI.It is obvious that this view comes from the fact that the World Cup will be held in the sub-continent from Feb 19 to April 2 next year and banning a city like Delhi would have a bad effect as Delhi is a world known city, attracts loads and loads of foreign tourists that is sure to make the matches more entertaining. 

So I guess, the power of bring money and the popularity amongst tourists have saved apni dilli this time….kya baat hai kya cheez hai paisa 🙂 

Im just hoping that the common wealth games go off well….else the reputation of not only Delhi but India would go for a toss. Fingers crossed!



  1. An international cricket match was canceled which obviously results in an loss of revenue for business. The paying ticket holder was also taken advantage of. So if ICC is not going to ban Delhi then what would be the appropriate punishment?

  2. vishalgaba

    I agree, the punishment should be that the ground be banned…so that it gets time to prepare a pitch that is conducive to good cricket.
    The case here is that the whole ground has been uplifted as per world class standards but the pitch..which is the most imp thing has been left.
    I think if it is not banned, the next best thing would be give it time and prepare a good pitch.

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