January 9, 2010

Will the Australian government please stand up?

Another incident, another Indian ATTACKED in Australia and all the government says it that the matter is being INVESTIGATED! Phew…isn’t this getting to ridiculous now?

Jaspreet Singh, a a 29-year-old man from the country was set onfire by a group of four assailants here, drawing strong condemnation from a student body which called such assaults unacceptable and asked authorities not to “dodge” the issue.  He was attacked in Essendon area of northwest Melbourne shortly around 2.00 am while he was parking his car. Singh suffered 20 per cent burns including on his arms, chest and face, and was taken to the hospital immediately. Luckily, he is in a stable condition now.

While the Australian police has clearly denied this being a racial attack and say that the matter is being investigated the student association in Australia is frustrated with the government for ONLY TALKING and NOT DOING anything.

The attack comes a week after the stabbing death of 21-year-old Indian graduate Nitin Garg in a Yarraville park while he was on his way to his part-time job in a restaurant. The body of another Indian youth, 25-year-old Ranjodh Singh, was found beside Wilga Road in Willbriggie in the neighbouring state of New South Wales on December 29.

This is just getting over the top and it’s high time the AUSTRALIAN government does something about its people who seem to be wilder than animals!


  1. Not condoning the attacks but…what is the Indian government doing about all the attacks on their own citizens within India that has been occurring for years? What about all the women that get harrassed, molested, abused and raped every single day within India? What about all the people that die in caste and religious issues? Or are they just minorities that don’t warrant any sympathy from the government? And if any of the more recent attacks here in Aus are racist, you only have the Indian media to blame…they sensationalised things and labelled the entire country as racist when there was no evidence of any such thing. And all they did was add fuel to the fire resulting in the few racists possibly retaliating. So yeah…thank the Indian media for making things worse for the Indians in Australia. None of you is out here to know the truth. Do not believe everything the media says.

  2. vishalgaba

    @Psych Babbler I agree with you blabber…but the point is if one country isnt doing anything…is it necessary that the other should also not take any measures.
    Agreed every country has its own problems…India has all religions and well, you may say so, but the as per the population none is minority. In Australia, its the aussies who are attacking Indian students and i think this issue is being taken to another level altogether.

  3. @Psych Babbler
    As a voice from the Media, I would like to question you….does reporting such issues is an exaggeration of any sorts?….do you think Indian media does not report crimes that you spoke in the Indian context?….do you think, that media is a better stimulant to those miscreants than the inherent racist outlook?
    I could give you a whole account of examples and instances to defend the point being made in the post…but reading your answers to my questions shall help me understand your point of view better.

  4. meanindian

    with due respect to the tremendous amount of good work being done by the indian media, i would like to point out at some observations i have made regarding the manner and timing of these reports.
    1) These reports are being made at a time when there is no other item on the big show in the great indian media circus
    2) Also, these reports are being made at the time when there is already news of racial abuse and discrimination in the recent spate of events involving the west indies cricketer S Benn. .( doesn’t really make time to remember that topic ..huh)
    3) The exchange rate of the Australian dollar hovering around at the almost high levels since Nov-09.( Just another random observation )
    X) On a lighter note, there is none 😉

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