April 24, 2010

Windows Multitouch Pack…enhance your computing experience

Microsoft has finally released the Windows 7 Touch Pack as a free-download to the public, enabling those with Windows 7 multi-touch enabled computers and monitors to access some of the nifty Microsoft Surface features.

The touch pack includes three Surface apps – Surface Globe, Surface Collage and Surface Lagoon. Surface Globe uses Virtual Earth 3D engine for showing a 3D image of globe for users to navigate, get local information and even bookmark using ‘pin’ on favorite locations. All digital photos stored in the computer or the removable drive can be used to make a collage with the Collage app. You can interact with the virtual fishes inside the water with the Lagoon app.

The Touch Pack also has three games – Blackboard, Rebound and Garden Pond. Blackboard is a puzzle game. One can have some electric air-hockey style fun with the Rebound game where one needs to hit the ball to opponents end.

Click on this LINK to download the Touch Pack for Windows 7. The file size is 239.2MB and requires validation. Download and enjoy!


  1. Desmond

    I installed this and let me tell you it is a different experience altogether…Thanks for the link man:)

  2. Dinkar

    This is amazing stuff…:)

  3. Mani

    I downloaded it with the link here…it is an amazing experience…anyone who has a touchscreen PC or laptop should download it immediately


  4. vishalgaba

    @Mani – Thanks 🙂

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