October 3, 2010

World’s biggest cinema screen by Nokia

Nokia largest screenNokia Sweden, yesterday erecting one of the world’s biggest cinema screens in Rosengard. Residents of the city district of Rosengård were treated to a movie night they will never forget, and it was powered by a Nokia N8 through it’s HDMI port in stunning high-definition.

The 1,428 square metre (that’s 51 metres x 28 metres) cinema screen is so large that it had to be assembled, and watched, outside. The screen was hoisted up in front of a toNokia largest screenwer block, and held in place by two giant cranes while four XLM HD30 projectors, each weighing 140 kilos, projected the Prince of Persia movie onto it. Onlookers were amazed and delighted to witness this world record happening in their own district.

About 1,500 people turned up to see this massive movie and it’s estimated that another 1,000 local people simply watched it from their apartments or balconies. The previous world record was held by Pinewood Studios in Middlesex, Great Britain, with a cinema screen measuring 73.1 metres wide and 18.3 metres high and with a total area of 1,338 square metres.

Take a look at the video of the making of the screen and showcasing of the movie. Enjoy!


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